我们想马上了解你的情况! To begin the boarding school application process, complete the 在线调查, or call the 入学 Office and speak with one of our admission associates. We want you to share your interests and questions with us, so we can tailor your exploration of Christchurch to suit YOU.

Contact the 入学 Office by phone 804-758-2306, 电子邮件,或在网上 访问请求. Interviews are scheduled Monday through Friday by appointment at either 9:00 a.m. 或者下午2点.m.最好是在学校上课的时候. Interviews include a campus tour and meetings with teachers, 学生, 和管理员, 除了招生办公室的工作人员.  This interview is an opportunity for you to experience our beautiful campus, see firsthand 寄宿学校的经历, 了解更多关于寄宿学校的要求, and gain a better sense of our welcoming school community.

请 在线申请 在这里 or by completing the Standard Application Online (圣). To learn more about using the 圣 and begin your application, click 在这里: 圣申请基督城学校代码2422

不退还的申请费($50).00美元国内/ 100美元.00 for international) can be paid by credit card through the application portal.


Select the light blue "Create Account" link on the lower left of the white box to create a 8814vip葡京 username and password.

After entering your basic information, select the "Create Account" button.

Our system may recognize you by your 电子邮件 address.

如果系统识别出您的电子邮件地址, your 电子邮件 address will be highlighted in red after you press "Submit."

如果出现这种情况,请选择“登录帮助”按钮. You will then be prompted to enter your email address to receive an automatic reply containing your 8814vip葡京 username and password.

Once you receive your 8814vip葡京 username and password you will have access to complete the online application, monitor your child’s progress through the boarding school admissions process, 了解更多关于基督城学校的信息.

A successful applicant to 8814vip葡京 should have good teacher recommendations, and the academic transcript should indicate that he/she is capable of working and thinking on or above grade level. We are very interested in applicants applying to boarding school who demonstrate a desire to attend Christchurch and who wish to involve themselves in extracurricular pursuits and work hard on their studies. Christchurch is a wonderful option for 学生 looking to enter college as mature and prepared young adults.
以ssat为例。可选 )
The SSAT is 可选 for 学生 applying to 8814vip葡京.  If you would like the SSAT to be considered as part of your application, please register online for the Secondary School 入学 Test at www.ssat.org.  Be sure to request that your scores be sent directly to Christchurch (SSAT Code #2422) when you register to take the test. 国家考试日期请参考SSAT.  所有考试都需要通过SSAT预先注册. If you are unable to schedule yourself for the SSAT, 或者如果你有问题, 联系招生办公室. 查找SSAT注册截止日期日历 在这里. 查找SSAT注册截止日期日历 在这里.

Download supplemental 建议形式s and transcript/testing request forms 在这里. Distribute Teacher Recommendation forms and Transcript/Testing Request form to the candidate’s current school. 确保 正确的 second page of the recommendation is attached to the 相应的 建议形式. These confidential recommendations and transcripts should be returned directly to the 入学 Office at 8814vip葡京.
8814vip葡京 offers one of the nation’s best learning support 项目 for 学生 diagnosed with mild learning differences or who may need regular support in a specific academic area. 如果感兴趣, please submit your child’s most recent psychological-educational testing evaluation with the application.

All 学生 whose primary language is not English and who may need English as a second language support are required to take the 托福考试 (代码#1634)除了SSAT(代码#2422). Applicants with a 托福考试 score of 85 or above will be in the most competitive position to gain acceptance for enrollment at Christchurch. 我们也接受ITEP和雅思成绩报告. 请 request that your scores be sent directly to 8814vip葡京 as part of the private school admissions process.

展望未来,基督城将使用 清晰 申请经济资助. The program is more user-friendly for families and the school. However, the program will not be in place until later this fall.  请 check back periodically for information about how to apply through 清晰. We hope to be up and running by mid-November at the latest.
+ SSAT成绩报告
+ Supplemental reports deemed necessary by the 入学 Committee.

一旦我们收到完整的申请, the 入学 Committee will meet within two weeks and respond with an admission decision.

问题? 我们可以帮忙!


  • 威廉·伯利摄

    Mr. 威廉 Burlee 

  • 蒂娜·麦柯里的照片

    夫人. 蒂娜 麦科里 

    入学 Assistant; Lead Administrative Assistant
  • 亚伦 改动照片

    Mr.  亚伦 改动 

    招生助理; Director of 全球教育ucation; 学生领导 Coordinator
  • 艾米莉·威尔金森的照片

    Ms.  艾米丽 威尔金森 

  • 玛丽·普莱尔的照片

    Ms. 玛丽 普赖尔 

  • 亨特·彼得罗夫斯基摄

    猎人 Petrosky 

    招生助理; Associate Head 足球 Coach
Each of the Church Schools admits 学生 of any race, color, 民族和民族出身的一切权利, 特权, 项目, and activities generally accorded or made available to 学生 at the school. 它没有种族歧视, color, national and ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, 招生政策, 奖学金和贷款项目, 以及体育和其他学校管理的项目. 作为圣公会的一个相关组织, Church Schools respects the applicable policies and governing principles of the 圣公会 Church pertaining to nondiscrimination.